Tales from the Explorers Club

Josh Gates, inc.

I’ve been a fan of Josh Gates since Destination Truth. I was not disappointed in this new series. So far it seems that each 1-hour episode features 2 to 3 accounts of the famous adventures of members of the prestigious Explorers Club. I really like this as his Expedition Unknown episodes tend to get a little long and dragged out, as much as I enjoy them. Plus the emphasis on treasure hunts, Nazis, and Egypt tends to get repetitive and a little tedious, even as the suspense of seeing if his girth is going to fit down that little tiny hole in the ground gets tenser and tenser as time goes by. Josh’s favorite exclamation of “Oh my Word!!!!” when finding something not what he was looking for is fast approaching drinking game status.

Although the true life adventures are well-known and have been explored many times, so far I have learned things I did not know before. I didn’t realize that Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay were the second-string team, who only got their chance at Everest because the first-choice team’s oxygen system failed. I didn’t realize Robert Peary was such an egomaniac nor that his right-hand man was black. The story of their rift and the reason for it was new to me. The latest episode about the Kon-Tiki was quite exciting, as all of the episodes have been so far. And again, much was learned from that and the other two stories in the show.

Finally, while some part of me admires the fact that the producers didn’t edit out or avoid showing the elephant tusks that prominently adorn the Club headquarters, it’s a bit cringe, to say the least.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

September 23, 2022

Expedition Unknown

Probably About 80% Fairly Legit

This show is pretty much the real deal although it does tweak timelines, pretends old discoveries are being revealed for the first time, and probably more little line-blurrings for dramatic effect. It has just enough real history and discoveries to make it legit in my eyes. For example, I was watching What on Earth and I think some show with Secrets in the title on the Smithsonian channel. One was about Hitler’s supposed Argentinian hideaway called Inalco house, and the other was on the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia. Both hosts tried to gain access to the sites-to get permission to visit the island in one case, and talk to the Monk guarding the Ark in the other, and they couldn’t even get close. They were turned away. Talk about lame! These are two cases where Josh was granted full access. Josh even found a Nazi Coin at Inalco house. And he and the monk are now best buddies (Just Kidding). But the monk who guards the Ark did come out to talk to him. And you can’t beat Josh for charisma and humor. It’s a very entertaining and educational show as long as you follow with your own independent research later.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

September 11, 2020