Royal Hearts

Charming Heroine makes this One Barely Bearable

Cute and likable Cindy Busby accounts for almost all of my stars with one star reserved for the male lead. Royal Hearts is an extremely hackneyed plot which presents no surprises, twists, or suspense. It strictly follows the template set forth in innumerable Royal themed romances. Fish out of water heroine and, in this case, her Dad, shake up the royal protocol, is briefly seduced by a royal handsome bad guy, but ends up with the “poor” commoner she had a meet cute with at the beginning after rubbing each other the wrong way throughout most of the movie. Oh. And the kingdom gains its independence thanks to the Americans. What would they do without us? I started out looking forward to seeing James Brolin, but he quickly out-wore his welcome with his over the top impression of Sam Elliot.

It was kinda funny that the first scene in the movie is Cindy teaching Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which intentionally or unintentionally hearkens back to her breakthrough role as Elizabeth in Unleashing Mr. Darcy. This was released around 3 months before the sequel to that movie. Coincidence? **6 stars**

March 3, 2018

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Good Show. A Cut Above the Usual

I am a sucker for Jane Austen re-imaginings. It may explain why I liked this movie so much even in face of the terrible reviews. There were definitely some weaknesses in the plot. (Why didn’t Elizabeth immediately go to the principal when the father of the failing athlete tried to bribe her?) Oooh, he was really evil! I also didn’t understand the hostility of Elizabeth towards Donovan Darcy throughout most of the story. He was so adorable and nice! The main appeal of the movie for me were the two lead actors: Cindy Busby and Ryan Paevey. They were both really appealing and attractive with some great chemistry. Frances Fisher, who played the Catherine de Bourgh character was very hiss-worthy, which always adds to the enjoyment. I did enjoy the secondary characters, the Jane and Bingley type romance, and the dogs as well.**8 stars out of 10**

Rating: 4 out of 5.

September 27, 2017