Too Many Wives

For Anne Shirley Fans Only

I admit I only watched this one because I have a soft spot for Anne Shirley. Anne was fine in the role. She was matched up with John Morley. Also fine with a Dick Powell like appeal. I enjoyed seeing Jack Carson in a very early bit part and Gene Lockhart. The plot is silly: Its lack of wit is masked by it’s frenetic pacing, fast talking, and wacky but unfunny plot. Barry, unable to get a job as a journalist, is taken up on his offer to be the “fall guy” to distract disgruntled subjects of the paper’s stories. He will placate them leaving those responsible unbothered by the public’s complaints. To shield him from getting fired, he also pretends to be a young married father just trying to support his family. Unfortunately, Betty, his new love, has a complaint against the newspaper and is shocked to learn he is married and a father. Chockful of misunderstandings which still only manages to stretch the length out to 60 minutes or so, it was too long even at that.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

August 28, 2020

It’s Love I’m After

Just Tiresome and So Very Shrill

I was attracted to this movie by the stellar cast. I was very disappointed. Some reviewers seem bewildered as to why this screwball comedy has been forgotten and is relatively unknown. Yeah, well I know why. It was loud, over-acted, and disjointed. All of the characters were very silly and their motivations were nonsensical. Their actions and reactions made no sense. I blame the director. I usually love Bonita Granville, but her performance was an example of what was wrong with this movie. Absolutely embarrassing.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

May 31, 2020

The Mad Miss Manton

Bad Detectives.

Some amusing lines and repartee but the coppers are so stupid and incompetent that they are positively dangerous. I fear for the city’s residents when a ditsy coterie of debutantes aren’t there to break all kinds of laws and save the day. A lot of actions on everyone’s part from the cops, to Miss Manton, to the suspects made no sense. I know this is supposed to be a classic screw-ball comedy but I thought it was just silly. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood: tolerant.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

September 15, 2019

The Young in Heart

Not Just Another Romantic Comedy

Although I once was a sucker for any romantic comedy, especially from the 30’s, I have become jaded over the last few years. with the preponderance and availability of so many, thanks to TCM, I have been disappointed time and again. The plots are more often than not clichéd and predictable. The acting is, although good for the time, usually, very different from the style we are used to today. The chemistry between actors is usually nil. The quality of the production second rate.

What a treat and a surprise this film was! It deserves to be as highly regarded as The Awful Truth, It Happened One Night, and any top notch Romantic Comedy of the 30’s. It had me laughing and tearing up. The quality of the production was top tier. Imagine using a clip of the train wreck in this movie (which was just a minor plot device) in a 1960’s popular TV series. That is just one example of how 1st class this film is. Some of the scenes, particularly the father and son speculating over the construction site over how the workers could possibly be having any fun, and the father’s horror at actually having to get a job along with the funeral procession to the door of the Flying Wombat dealership to take his position as a car salesman, are absolutely hilarious. (and not just hilarious “for its time.”)

I won’t add to the the praise of the actors from other reviewers. Just that I agree wholeheartedly.

It’s not just another Romantic Comedy. It has drama and heart as well. **9 out of 10 stars**

April 13, 2016