Christmas a la Mode

Positives Outweighed the Aggravating Heroine

Despite the leading female character being a thoroughly unpleasant person, I enjoyed this very much. The actors playing the two lead characters were very appealing. I loved the hero. He was very attractive both inside and out. I would love to see more of the actor who played the character. I loved the actress as well. She was very cute and wholesome looking. A true girl next door look. There was good chemistry between the two lovebirds.

The story had good tension and suspense. While it is true that the citified sister was an antagonist in the noble quest to save the family farm, for most of the movie, I was onboard with her sensible move to sell it to a large Dairy Farm concern rather than having the family lose the whole thing to bankruptcy. Emily, the farm sister was unreasonable, sulky, and obstinate in her refusal to see anyone’s viewpoint other than her own. Not to mention lying to her mother. I didn’t have any sympathy for her at first. She was effectively putting loyalty to her dead father over her Mom’s future. Homelessness, here we come. And why didn’t she go into crisis mode earlier to formulate a plan to save the farm? It was limping along for years, apparently. Also, I’m not a fan of asking for donations to save a business that was not making it on it’s own steam and business plan. It does not bode well for the long term viability of the business. It was just putting off the inevitable. Of course when the sister went completely over to the dark side, by switching her support to the housing development, I really started rooting for Emily. by that time she had finally got a fire lit under her and her schemes were bearing some fruit. After she lost the attitude, she was actually very charming.

I also want to note the actress who played their farm hand. Not conventionally pretty, but I liked that choice. She was excellent. I liked the final solution, it made very good sense. And since I didn’t hate the city sister from the get-go, I was OK with her retconned personality change at the end. And the apple-pie ice-cream sounded absolutely delicious.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

November 1, 2020

One thought on “Christmas a la Mode

  1. I gave it a shot. I’m watching and salivating and I realized I actually had an apple pie and I had some homemade vanilla so I perked some coffee and sat there savoring…………..”retconned”!!! 🙂 Totally new to me. ❤ But the movie set a brand new high on the improbability scale.

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