Just My Type

An Extra Star for Bethany Joy Lenz and the Lack of a “Frolic” Scene

This one follows the Hallmark template almost perfectly. All of the plot points and characters are straight off the mix and match stock list and hardly one is left out. The only thing it didn’t have was a cutesy snowball fight, snow angel or snowman session, baking flour fight, food fight, splashing or dunking in the water, etc., etc., etc. Of course, I did doze off for a minute or two so I may have missed the frolic scene. Bethany Joy did manage to snag herself with a fishing hook, but that was actually kind of amusing. So why a 6? That’s my grade for Ho-hum but not blatantly insulting or cringe-worthy. Lenz’s comic timing and likable portrayal bumped it up at least one star. Her love interest was a non-entity, and the romance was unbelievable and practically non-existent. I hope she goes back to Portland.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

April 1, 2020

3 thoughts on “Just My Type

  1. Your review is so good. I like that you’re to the point. I’ve seen several of Bethany Joy Lenz’s Hallmark films. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes she seems like a chameleon. Is it her changes in hairstyle?? She had bangs in the one with Andrew Walker in Bottled With Love. Liked that movie better than Just My Type (yawn).

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  2. Okay, let’s look at this a little differently. She SHOULD go back to Portland…….absolutely……but she can return to work remotely and on weekends, to her world class friend with multiple benefits. Both are attractive, intelligent, no kids, not kids themselves, no agenda(well, there was that one time with her:-) comfortable in their own skins, no problematic exes, no money problems, no demanding business to run, no disaproving families, no unrealistic expectations on either part, no ridiculously unnecessary contrived conflict at all, in a perfectly idyllic setting, and it gets a 6? Plus there’s all that wine and pot is legal in Washington…….I’m just sayin’ 😉 these could be the two most happily in love 40 somethings west of the Mississippi. Now we have another, P&P with snowmen, an attractive couple who are worth a 6 any day, and you add a controlling and often unpleasant sister, a domineering father, the WORST FRENCH ACCENTS in the history of speech, a socially awkward lawyer paired with the equally awkward sister(you want to ask me on a duh, a duh, a duh, a date??? I hate that s***!!!), a patented even more ridiculous than usual flounce-off by Erin who seemed to only grudgingly accept the explanation……goodluck with that, Luke, and all that only adds 4 more points???? 🙂


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