The Christmas Secret

Great Acting Makes this One Shine

The main attraction for me, in deciding to re-watch this Hallmark Christmas movie from way back in 2014 was Bethany Joy Lenz. She is a very talented actress, very likable in all of her efforts with Hallmark, and is an excellent comedienne. She didn’t have too much of an opportunity in this one to show off her great comic timing, but she really touched my heart in this portrayal as a down and out single mother who is being harassed by her heinous ex-husband. He was credibly played by Greyston Holt, who we usually see as a Hallmark hero these days-I really hated his guts.

Actually she is only down and out for the first 20 minutes or so, because as soon as she gets fired from her job as a waitress for being late for work, it is all uphill from there. She’s late because she saved a woman’s life(Susan Hogan).  She loses her beloved locket in the process, but magically, good things start to happen. She gets a much better job in a bakery with a nice lady, Betty. She meets a nice handsome man who is looking for the woman who saved his step-mother’s life. (Guess who?) Due to mistaken identity he does not find her until the end. Her daughter has a fall and is concussed, but she’s OK and it leads to her meeting the lady that her mother rescued. Through coincidences and magical doings, everything bad turns to good for our lovable brave heroine.

I do want to especially give kudos to the two actors who played Christine’s children. They were both great, but Jaeda Lily Miller is a treasure. She is probably the most talented Hallmark child actress ever, and in this one, one of  her first efforts, she is absolutely adorable. She steals every scene she is in.

And the icing on the cake that really sets this one apart is that Christine gets a big romantic kiss from her nice handsome man well before the last scene. No tentative interrupted at the last second chaste tender one either, but a real seal the deal sexy kiss.

I gave this one a 10 back in 2014. Yep, still a 10.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

June 29, 2021

19 thoughts on “The Christmas Secret

  1. I like Christopher Russell more than I did because of you. And Steve Lund. And as for Damon Runyon, did you watch The Christmas Chalet? I liked it because I loved the way Erica Durance would look at Robin Dunne. I apologize again because I feel I shouldn’t get you off topic…it’s like begging for a freebie, but I don’t have access to anyone with your knowledge(and gentle snark 😉 and I enjoy your reviews and I look before I ask of course. So the point is, did you see Christmas at Rosemont? I loved it and I loved that she didn’t want to do a DNA test and said in so many words that it’s true if you believe it’s true(shout out to George Costanza….it’s not a lie if you think it’s true 😉 and one I bet you didn’t see because it probably deserved an R, The First Time(2012)? I thought it was exceptional compared to the others of the genre.


    • Sorry, didn’t see this until today. I saw Christmas at Rosemont and must have really liked it because I gave it an 8. Unfortunately, I don’t remember it! which is good, because I will be on the watch for it.


      • This is what I was babbling about. If this will work, click on the blue continue watching thing and watch from 18:00 to 20:20. Her head and hand…….

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  2. I love it. I watched it first on UPtv and discovered later they had sanitized it. I understand bleeping the profanity, mild though it was, but they cut the totally innocuous, wonderfully tender scene when he woke up the first morning they were at the inn, just hours after they had met. I couldn’t believe it…..I’d hate for you to miss that. Just a few seconds. It said a lot. I’m trying to find Snowed Inn Christmas, I don’t have Netflix or anything. I’ve seen a ton of property in peril movies though!

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  3. Let me try again on the link. She was on the run with no safe haven and no assets and didn’t really know this person, yet she felt safe in her sleep…….and they cut it because they were in bed together. I read you said you liked English historical stuff……Lucy Worsley should be buried in Westminster Abbey. I believe England is(was?) the apex of civilization. I can’t get enough of it!! At one time I read a bunch of Delderfield, including “God is an Englishman” 🙂

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  4. Oh my gosh that makes me so happy!!! Wanna do some Rachmaninov then? Here’s the best part of the best piano concerto ever, performed by my next wife….I hope she likes me. How do you touch anything like she does those keys???? Did you know that Celia Johnson was Ian Fleming’s sister in law and I think her children ended up owning the James Bond rights?


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