Island of the Mad

by Laurie R. King

“If one plays on fear, takes away any remotely complicated ideas, and offers people a sense of confidence and right, one’s followers will beat to death any enemy they are pointed at.”

I enjoyed this installment very much. Mary and Sherlock spend a lot of time together and demonstrate both affection and respect for each other. Although it’s never mushy, you can see their devotion if you read between the lines. There is a welcome return to her featuring real-life famous people (or famous fictional people!) in her plots. This time it is Cole Porter and his wife, Linda, and also Elsa Maxwell. I love the way she places the sleuths in interesting and important historical places and times. This time, it is in Italy (Venice) as Mussolini has just come to power. We experience, through the duo’s adventures, the high times of the rich globe-trotting socialites before the depression. The rescue mission they embark upon, which leads them to Venice, is engaging and satisfactorily concluded with a diabolical scheme that neutralizes the bad guy most entertainingly.**4 stars out of 5**

June 20, 2018

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